Today you will start your Clear Aligner Treatment smile transformation. We start by bonding attachments to your teeth. These are small dots of glue that act as anchors to aid in alignment of your teeth, similar to what brackets do for your braces. Occasionally due to the force of removing and placing aligners attachments may fall off. It is okay if the attachment comes off, we will replace them at your next appointment. This is not considered an emergency.

You will start with tray one and will change to new aligners EACH WEEK. We recommend switching at night to avoid possible initial discomfort during the day. Trays should be worn 22 hours a day 7 days a week. If aligners are not worn the optimal amount of time your teeth may not align and this will prolong your estimated treatment time. Trays must sit flush to your teeth before switching to your next tray. When you finish wearing your tray for the recommended time, if they are still tight or are not flush with your teeth, continue wearing them until they fit correctly. We can give you “Chewies” or rubber cotton rolls that can help you seat your aligners fully. Retainer Retrievers will be included in your start bag to help remove aligners if you cannot use your finger nails. If you forget what tray you are on you can place an aligner on a white piece of paper. The aligner will have either a small “U” or “L”. This stands for upper or lower and the letter is followed by a number. The number is the tray you are on.

You will clean your aligners twice a day using your toothbrush and cold to lukewarm water. Brush the inside and outside of your aligners. You may use disinfecting soap, toothpaste, or part vinegar and part water as cleaner. To soak the aligners, you have been given cleaning crystals from Clear Aligner Treatment. These are the same as denture cleaning tablets, which can be purchased at your local retailer. You should brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out before you place your aligners back in.

Once you are done with your full set of aligners we will see you to evaluate the alignment of your teeth. At that appointment Dr. Wright will check to see if more aligners are needed to continue to correct alignment. This is referred to as a refinement. Refinements are common after the first set of aligners and are planned in your estimated treatment time.